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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Biggest Plane In The World

AN-225 "Mria" (dream) - transport of the superbig carrying capacity. At present is the greatest, heavy and load-lifting in the world. Unique transport has been designed and constructed in 1984-1988. The first flight has been accomplished on December, 21st, 1988. Initially existed in the single copy, now is in a batch production.

Terex Titan - the biggest truck in the world

The Terex Titan was a Canadian earth-hauling lorry prototype built by the Terex Corporation then of General Motors. It had an empty weight of 235 tonnes, and a maximum loaded weight of 550 tonnes. It was powered by a 169.5L (10,343 c.i.) 16 cylinder 3300 hp (2,460 kW) engine coupled to a generator. The generator then powered 4 electric traction motors located at each rear wheel. It is 66 feet (20 m) long and 22.6 feet (6.9 m) tall. It is 56 feet (17.1 m) tall with the dump box extended. Built in late 1974 at GM's London, Ontario Plant, it was to undergo 12 months testing in California.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Global Incident Map -Know The Latest Threads

A great site, like it, so i shared it with u, Know all the latest threats and attacks on this site with maps and effective tragets Click here

Night Vision, At 0,001 lux range 200m, in complete darkness 50m

  • Description: Night Vision, At 0,001 lux range 200m, in complete darkness 50m. the most advanced digital night vision device on the market. At 0.001 lux the detection range is about 200m.
  •  how to use back of the product
  • Here how you use the product.
  • Natural sight and with Night Vision sight.
  •  output of the LEDs
  • Output of the LEDs can be adjusted progressively by turning the wheel on the left side of the objective. (0 - 1.2 W from 0 to 90 ft).
  •  focus the image
  • turning the objective left or right you can focus the image depending on the distance to the object to observe.
  •  contrast and brightness
  • adjust contrast and brightness manually on the remote control unit. A short tip on the button increases or decreases the brightness and the contrast by one step.
  •  audio extension socket
  • remote control unit is also an audio extension socket.
  •  volume control wheel
  • remote control unit is equipped with a volume control wheel to adjust the audio input from third party devices.
  •  video in/out plug
  • video in/out plug for connecting to third party devices.
  •  camera-mode and video-mode
  • Camera-mode: use as a goggle and for recording with third party devices. Video-mode: for displaying from third party devices.
  • SKU: Spy-Gadgets-X2
  • Video input: NTSC/PAL AUTO
  • Display size: 36 inches
  • Pixels: 320H*240V*RGB(230K)
  • Display size: 36 inches
  • Pixels: 320H*240V*RGB(230K)
  • View angle: 26 degrees
  • Video input: NTSC/PAL AUTO
  • Sound function: double-channel stereo
  • Adjustment function: variable volume, picture contrast and brightness
  • Power input: 9V DC
  • Power consumption: 3.5W
  • Basic accessories: AC adapter, eye patch ,cables
  • Packing Size: 275MM *260MM *75MM
  • developed with the European partner NOCTRON in Luxembourg is the most advanced digital night vision device on the market. At 0.001 lux the detection range is about 200m.
  • Hunting and nature observation at night.
  • All security operations and Neighbourhood watch.
  • Handling and fixing equipment in complete darkness.
  • Orientation and safety when sailing or trekking at night.
  • Fashionably and elaborately designed, very convenient to carry. You can enjoy in whatever conditions.
  • allows you to see infrared beams that are invisible to the naked eyes. With the integrated infrared LED’s allows you to see up to 50 meters in complete darkness.
  • Price: US$473.20

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